Music Timer: Focus on Music, Spotify

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🎢 Introducing Music Timer, the ultimate productivity app that combines the power of the Pomodoro Technique with your favorite tunes from Spotify and Apple Music!

Do you find it challenging to stay focused on your tasks? Are you searching for a fun and effective way to manage your time and boost your productivity? Look no further! Music Timer is here to help you accomplish more while enjoying the music you love.

Key Features:
⏰ Set a custom Pomodoro timer for focused work.
🎧 Seamless integration with Spotify and Apple Music.
πŸ’» Minimalistic design with an intuitive interface for a distraction-free experience.

Why choose Music Timer?
βœ… Boost your productivity: The Pomodoro Technique, combined with music, helps you stay focused, avoid burnout, and accomplish more in less time.
βœ… Easy to use: Simply set your timer, hit play, and let Music Timer handle the rest - your music starts automatically, allowing you to dive into your tasks.

Transform your work sessions into an enjoyable and productive experience with Music Timer. Download now and discover the powerful synergy of Pomodoro and music! πŸš€

How can you help me?

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You can send me an email to for any feedback, issues, bugs on this app or just to say β€œHello!”.