Life: Just one

No notifications. No ads. No sign up. No profile. No followers.
Just you and your Life.

Life objective:

Sometimes Life seems really short, and other times impossibly long.
This app will help you to emphasize that it’s most certainly finite.
Life shows you, the days, months and years you have left and that they are all you have got.
Don’t be afraid, that means the only appropriate word to describe your time left is “precious”.
So I hope this app will enable you to create a Life in which you will be happy and creative.

What about your Privacy?

I think Privacy is a fundamental human right.
To that end, I have designed Life from the ground up without any external framework.
In this way, your data, like your birthdate, stays entirely private.

How can you help me?

As I don’t collect any data on this app, to improve it I need your help!
You can send me an email to for any feedback, issues, bugs on this app or just to say “Hello!”.


A special thank you to Wait But Why for this amazing article.
Without their work, this app would not have seen the light of day.